Kenwood Chef Classic KM336 Kitchen Mixer Review – The variable speed control and the new pulse mode are both extremely good.

Kenwood Chef Classic KM336 kitchen Mixer Review

Kenwood Chef Classic KM336


I´d been hearing such good things about the Kenwood Chef Classic KM336 kitchen mixer I just had to find out if what I was hearing was true.

The first Kenwood Chef kitchen mixer was launched to coincide with the Ideal Home Exhibition back in 1950. It went on to become hugely popular with housewives throughout the following decades.

The Kenwood Chef Classic KM336 kitchen mixer has been designed to incorporate a range of new improvements whilst still retaining the familiar look and feel, and fits in well in any kitchen.

What I liked about the Kenwood  kitchen mixer was that it had retained its traditional white gloss finish but now had the addition of a new silver trim, creating a very stylish and attractive look about it. It also now featured a powerful 800 watt electric motor along with a stainless steel 4.6 litre capacity bowl.

So Versatile:
Versatility has always been one of the Kenwood Chefs main selling points and the Kenwood Mixer maintains this versatility by featuring three power speeds for different tasks.

The Slow Speed Power Outlet is designed specifically to provide a slow speed, high torque drive needed for attachments such as the Pasta Roller or Food Grinder. This
outlet is behind a removable cover at the front of the machine.

The High Speed Power Outlet, which is on top of the machine at the back, is designed to be used by a variety of different attachments like the Multi-Mill and the Liquidiser.

The Bowel Outlet can also be used for further attachments such as the Kenwood Chef AT956A 0ne Litre Ice Cream Make Attachment.

One thing that will surprise you about this Kenwood mixer is just how big its box is. But when you see what is in the box it’s really no surprise at all. It comes complete with a K Beater, Balloon Whisk, dough hook, a Splash Guard, Spatula, Recipe Book and Instruction CD/DVD plus manual. It even comes with a 1.5 litre Liquidiser.

Using the KM336
I was really impressed with the 800 watt motor. There is more than enough power to cope with heaviest of cake mixes and even bread doughs too. And what´s more, even though this is a powerful motor, I found it to be very quiet. I have spoken to quite a few people who thought it was much quieter than the older Kenwood Chefs.

The Kenwood Mixer has a variable speed control with an excellent range of adjustments, along with a new pulse mode too which I found to be very handy. The new stainless steel bowl is big enough to cope with even the largest of cake or bread mixes but is also very light to handle. The splash guard that comes with this machine is something I don´t think anyone would want to be without.

One thing I did discover is just how important it is to adjust the whisk and beater tools correctly to make sure that all the ingredients are mixed together and not left around the side of the bowl. Luckily it only takes a couple of minutes to do, but is well worth the effort.

The Kenwood Chef KM336 is not only easy to use, but is a pleasure to use too. The instruction book is very clear and straightforward to follow and there is also an excellent recipe book that comes with the mixer too.

I liked the fact this food mixer only weighs 6.49 kg, making it light enough for anyone pick up and store in a cupboard when not in use. But as it is not that large a machine, only 39 x 23.5 x 29 cm, it could just as easily be left on a worktop ready and waiting.

The fact that the 3 non-stick tools are also dishwasher safe only adds to the  appeal of this Mixer.

Kenwood Chef Classic KM336 Pros:
Not only is this new food mixer easy to use and very reliable but it is also extremely well made and sturdy whilst at the same time light enough to be carried. The 800 watt motor is powerful enough to cope with the heaviest of mixes and yet is still very quiet.

The variable speed control and the new pulse mode are both extremely good, as is the fact this machine comes complete with a splash guard and a 1.5 litre liquidizer. It is also very easy to clean and the 3 bowl tools are also dishwasher safe.

Kenwood Chef Classic KM336 Cons :
Some adjustment is needed on the whisk and paddle tools to ensure all the ingredients are mixed together. Also it can be slightly awkward to attach the liquidizer to the high speed outlet, although with a little practice it does become easier.

It´s a shame there are not more dishwasher safe items. Would have been nice to have had a Medium speed attachment outlet included, although this would probably have increased its price and competitiveness.

Kenwood Chef Classic KM366 kitchen Mixer Features:

With K-beater, whisk & dough hook
Auto electronic speed control
Simple pop-up head lift
4.6 Litre bowl
290mm x 320mm x 235mm
800 W motor and 4.6 Litre bowl capacity
3 power outlets and gloss white finish
Planetary mixing action
Includes 3 non-stick bowl tools: K Beater, balloon whisk and dough hook
1.5 L acrylic liquidizer included

Kenwood Chef Classic KM336 kitchen Mixer Conclusion:

I have owned a Kenwood food mixer for over thirty five years, I cannot doubt the reliability of these machines.

It is not often, when I am reviewing products, that I come across a machine like the Kenwood KM336 mixer that has so many reviews, well over 300 in this case, and the vast majority of them are all 5 star reviews.

So many people have said how they bought this food mixer to replace one they had owned for decades and how impressed they were by the improvements that had been made. It doesn’t seem to matter whether you are making a simple cake or a bread dough the new 800 watt motor has all the power you could possible need.

To try and sum up the Kenwood KM366 as best as I can I would say that if you are someone looking for a reliable kitchen mixer that will give you years of service, is easy to use, easy to clean, has the power to handle any baking job, yet is quiet to use and light to carry – then this food mixer is the one for you.

With that in mind would have no hesitation in recommending the Kenwood KM366 food mixer to you.

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